Torque M Multi Jungle

Torque Fitness® design is driven by the recognition that it must help health club owners and managers attract and retain members. This member/end user focus has highlighted the importance of what people will See when they walk out onto the exercise floor, what they will Feel when they step into a machine and perform a repetition, and how they will come to Trust they have found the best place in town to fulfil their fitness goals. So every product is hard wired into this simple but laser focused design philosophy. See. Feel. Trust.

The M line of Multi-Jungles were designed to unify the architecture, componentry, aesthetics and quality of the Torque Fitness® selectorised and free weight lines. With six individual stations to choose from, and the ability to configure them in unlimited ways, the size and customisation is endless. Multiple stations easily allow several users to work out simultaneously and to move efficiently from station to station.

What Users See

  • A visual connection to M selectorized equipment through aesthetic style, color, and upholstery
  • A strong, sculpted look that signals quality performance and results

What Users Feel

  • Ball bearing swivel pulleys for smoother travel, longer cable life and increased functionality
  • Increased comfort through large diameter roller pads
  • Molded rubber grip handles for a secure and comfortable grip
  • Solid stability through non-skid rubber surfaces on all floor contact points

What Users Trust

  • Durable construction through 1-1/2” x 5-1/2” 11 gauge flat oval tubing
  • Prolonged pad life through vinyl seams that are double stitched and strategically placed
  • Prolonged paint protection through high density urethane foot guards
  • A 30 year culture of long term durability and customer service


Multi-Jungles Available:

  • APS-APS Adjustable Cable Crossover
  • MJ4 4 Stack Multi-Jungle
  • MJ4-APS 5 Stack Multi-Jungle
  • MJ4-MJ4 8 Stack Multi-Jungle
  • MJ4-MJ4-MJ4 12 Stack Multi-Jungle
Options for Multi-Jungles:

  • MJ-APSs Adjustable Pulley Station Shrouds
  • MJ-S Tower Shrouds
Boxes For Substitutions For Multi-Jungles:
  • MJ-AP Adjustable Pulley
  • MJ-APS Adjustable Pulley Station 
  • MJ-CB Cross Beam
  • MJ-FTC Functional Training
  • MJ-LPD Lat Pull Down
  • MJ-SR Seated Row
  • MJ-T Multi Jungle Tower
  • MJ-TP Tricep Push Down

Tower Height: 232.2cm (92.6 in)

Product Options:

M Multi-Jungles Tower Options:

  • MJ-LPD MJ4 Lat Pulldown (270lb/122kg Weight Stack)
  • MJ-SR MJ4 Seated Row (270lb/122kg Weight Stack)
  • MJ-FTC Functional Training Column
  • MJ-TP MJ4 Tricep Press (180lb/81kg Weight Stack)
  • MJ-AP MJ4 Adjustable Pulley (180lb/81kg Weight Stack)


Stations Options:

MJ4 4 Stack Multi-Jungle

  • MJ-T  MJ4 Tower
  • MJ-SR  Seated Row (Includes V-Bar handle)
  • MJ-LPD  Lat Pulldown (Includes Lat Bar handle)
  • MJ-AP  Adjustable Pulley (Includes over-molded strap handle)
  • MJ-TP  Triceps Press (Includes Triceps rope)

MJ4-APS 5 Stack Multi-Jungle

  • MJ-T  MJ4 Tower
  • MJ-SR  Seated Row (Includes V-Bar handle)
  • MJ-LPD  Lat Pulldown (Includes Lat Bar handle)
  • MJ-AP  Adjustable Pulley (Includes over-molded strap handle)
  • MJ-TP  Triceps Press (Includes Triceps rope)
  • MJ-APS  Adjustable Pulley Station (Includes strap handle)
  • MJ-CB  Cross Beam
  • MJ-S  Tower Shrouds
  • MJ-APSS  Adjustable Pulley Station Shrouds

APS-APS Adjustable Cable Crossover

  • MJ-APS  Adjustable Pulley Station x 2 (Includes strap handle)
  • MJ-CB  Cross Beam

MJ4-MJ4 8 Stack Multi-Jungle

  • MJ-T  MJ4 Tower x 2
  • MJ-SR  Seated Row x 2 (Includes V-Bar handle)
  • MJ-LPD  Lat Pulldown x 2 (Includes Lat Bar)
  • MJ-AP  Adjustable Pulley Station x 2 (Includes over-molded strap handle)
  • MJ-TP  Triceps Press x 2 (Includes triceps rope)
  • MJ-CB  Cross Beam

MJ4-MJ4-MJ4 12 Stack Multi-Station

  • MJ-T  MJ4 Tower x 3
  • MJ-SR  Seated Row x 3 (Includes V-Bar handle)
  • MJ-LPD  Lat Pulldown x 3 (Includes Lat Bar handle)
  • MJ-AP  Adjustable Pulley x 4 (Includes over-molded strap handle)
  • MJ-TP  Triceps Press x 2 (Includes Triceps rope)
  • MJ-CB  Cross Beam x 2

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  • 10 Years Frame
  • 1 Year Parts (Pads, grips, strap handles)
  • 1 Year Labour
  • 90 Day Misc.

Commercial Warranties:

Warranties are subject to change depending on installation environment and usage, please contact your regional commercial manager for further information on the correct warranty for your facility.

*Rusting / Misuse / Lack of Maintenance / Normal Wear are not covered by warranty.