Freemotion Live Axis Range

FreeMotion® Fitness was founded in 1999 based on a bold, yet simple observation: One dimensional training doesn't carry over to a three dimensional world, a place where twisting, turning, and moving in all planes is a natural occurrence. This observation resulted in the fitness breakthrough FreeMotion®. When you study the body like we do, innovation is easy. We're constantly looking for ways to increase performance and to help make exercise more productive and efficient. And we're able to do this by designing equipment that lets you train the way you move.

FreeMotion® have brought together many strength and exercise components to create The Live Axis™ Range. The Live Axis range is suitable for not only beginners through to advanced athletes it is also ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) approved for wheelchairs accessibility.

Products in the Live Axis™ Range
  • F700 Chest 
  • F701 Shoulder
  • F702 Low Pull
  • F703 Dead Lift
  • F704 High Pulley
  • F706 Quad
  • F707 Hamstring
  • F708 Rotary
  • F709 Lat
  • Compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for wheelchair accessibility
  • Exerflex Pro® 3/16-inch cables rated to 907 kgs (2,000 lbs)
  • Progressive Resistance
  • Aluminum Swivel Pulleys
  • Dual Independent Tracks
  • 18-Gauge, Stainless Steel Kick Plates
  • Textured Platform
  • 11- and 7-Gauge Steel Tubing

Advanced Features:
  • Progressive Resistance
  • Live-sliding pulley technology allows the user's muscles to stay at optimum activation with never-ending resistance throughout the entire movement.

  • Live-Sliding Technology
  • Revolutionary live-sliding pulley technology allows your muscles to stay at optimum activation throughout the entire movement.
  • Live Axis™ pulleys move with you to provide the same amount of resistance throughout your movement. Instantly change the point of muscle activation by moving from side-to-side to front-to-back, and change progression by altering your position during a set.
  • Targets the Entire Body
  • All Live Axis™ products target different areas of your body. Each individual machine’s unique shape is scientifically designed to maximise muscle activation for a particular area of your body.

  • Improve Balance and Stability
  • All Live Axis™ products require you to stand throughout the workout because a majority of physical activity is performed with an upright and active body.
  • Strength-training while standing forces your entire body to adjust to every movement—improving balance, stability and reducing risk of injury.

  • Enclosed Weight Stack
  • Each weight stack is enclosed to limit access to moving parts and ensure your safety.

  • Solid Steel Construction 
  • Products are built with 11 and 7 gauge welded steel
  • Electrostatically Powder-Coated

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  • 10 Years Frame
  • 3 Years Parts (Radial Bearings, Guide Rods, Pulleys, Weight Stacks)
  • 1 Year Parts (Linear Bearings, Cables, Labour)
  • 120 Days (Upholstery, Handles and Accessories)
Commercial Warranties:

Warranties are subject to change depending on installation environment and usage, please contact your regional commercial manager for further information on the correct warranty for your facility.

*Rusting / Misuse / Lack of Maintenance / Normal Wear are not covered by warranty.