Monark LC7 Ergometer

Monark Sports & Medical bikes are designed and engineered in Sweden with a focus on developing products for active health improvement and rehabilitation. The distinguishing features of these products are their user-friendly design and construction for individuals and test administrators. Their modern look and functionality make these products ideal for all types of facilities. The healthcare product line facilitates health-awareness and fitness.

The Monark® Ergometers are the world’s most widely used test bike for fitness tests and workouts.

Perfect Fit for any cyclist when the position is right. A great performance is when power in the legs and the mind is set. The Monark LC7 Ergometer has step-less adjustability in all directions for a perfect position without affecting the rigidity of the frame. Monark’s classic bike feeling is even improved with LC7, new Q-factor and updated resistance system makes the feeling complete. Now it is up to the rider.
Open Source is used within the software industry for an available program Monark LC7 is also available and adaptable. Standard components for easy exchange and upgrades of parts like cranks, consoles, and other systems. Channels and plates prepared for measurement equipment and software accessible for external devices. Monark LC7 is a great bike as it is, but now also easy to adapt for your specific needs.
Modern Force shall not be mixed with the fact that measurement still belongs to the old physical laws. Calibration still has to be done, on LC7 the procedure is improved for better safety and accuracy. With the updated braking system of LC7 old force is speed independent, quickly adjusted but still controllable during use. Monark has always been known for accuracy, now it is even improved.

  • PC Software
  • Remote Control (RS 232)
  • Data Transfer (USB, WiFi)
  • Pre-Set Test Protocols
  • User Protocols 


  • Workload Range Continuous (50-100RPM) 4-700W
  • Peak Power 1400W (200RPM) No Time Limit
  • Smallest Increment 1W
  • Measurement System Computerized pendulum
  • Calibration Static
  • Resistance Mode Power or Force
  • Workload Control Tablet PC on Bike
  • Hyperbolic
  • Linear
  • Fixed Torque
  • HR-Controlled
  • Constant Power Mode (RPM independent)

Bike display

  • RPM, Total count, Time, YMCA, WHO, PWC, Work test Manual, Work test Increment/Ramp, Fitness Testing.

PC or Tablet Display

  • RPM
  • Heart rate
  • Time
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Calorie consumption
  • Power in watt
  • Force in Newton
  • Data transfer
  • Hardware Specification LC7
  • Control Unit - Tablet PC, Windows 7, 32 bit, Intel processor
  • Interface - Digital RS232, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi
  • Power Source- Power adaptor, DC-output-19V/40W
  • Type of Unit - Tablet PC/Touchscreen
  • Electronic Display - Touchscreen 10.1”, 1280x800 pixel
  • Internal Control (bike computer) - Dual 8 MHz microcomputer system with 16 bits processor.
  • PC-Software - Monark Aerobic Test Software 3.1.0
  • Drive Mechanism
  • Crank - Steel, 170 mm, Square taper, optional with 172,5 mm
  • Pedals - 9/16” Look/SPD compatible
  • BB Shell - 68*40 mm, English threads, 1.37*24 hole in center of BB-shell for assembling of sensor
  • BB - 116 mm, Square
  • Q Factor - Q184/L170, optional Q146/L172,5
  • Chain - KMC Z510 HX 116 link

Heart Rate

  • Chest belt: Polar T34 5KHz
  • Receiver Polar 07S PSNI-NC


  • Calibration Weight 4000g - Accuracy of 1%
  • Individually calibrated, numbered and documented by Monark


ISO 9001:2008 Yes
CE 93/42/EEC MDD Class IIa Yes


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  • 15 Years Frame
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year Labour

Warranties are subject to change depending on installation environment and usage, please contact your regional commercial manager for further information on the correct warranty for your facility.

*Rusting / Misuse / Lack of Maintenance / Normal Wear are not covered by warranty.