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For over 20 years WaterRower® has been combining stylish design, hand crafted workmanship and ethically sourced materials. WaterRower originate from Rhode Isaland, USA where it still manufactures its high quality rowing machines since the early 1980's.

With a comprehensive range of stylish models, that are compact and Mobile, the WaterRower® makes efficient use of your space. World renowned as the perfect aerobic exercise, the WaterRower® is unmatched in its replication of the real benefits of rowing. An excellent return on your investment, the WaterRower® provides a low cost and minimal maintenance solution to your needs.

The dynamic movement of the WaterRower® Oartec® Slider Rowing Machine greatly reduces the stress and repetitive strain loading on your body, particularly on the lower back and joints when compared to a stationary rowing machine. You will feel the difference right away and understand why the dynamic Slider erg is fast becoming the new standard for indoor rowers. The Waterrower® Oartec® Slider Rowing Machine is the most advanced dynamic rowing machine on the market.  The ultra smooth gliding action allows the rower to generate a rhythm and feel just like in the water, taking your clients training to a whole new level.

The Waterrower® Oartec® Slider Rowing Machine is easy to use for all levels of competition and training. The most important feature is the reduced loading on the body from the dynamic rowing action, which is safer for the body and minimises the stress and strain on the lower back and joints.

The Waterrower® Oartec® Slider Rowing Machine has the same stroke dynamics as a rowing boat, improving technique, motor skills and consistency from stroke to stroke off the water has never been easier. External PC based software is also available, which provides detailed analysis of workout information and rowing strokes.


  • Comfortable Seat: The seat is soft and contours to your shape.
  • Feet together: The feet are placed closer together, as they are in a rowing boat, for optimal power output, and to make it easy to bring the arms inside the knees at the beginning of the stroke.
  • Wide Handle: The handle is a broad width to set the arms in a strong and comfortable position.
  • Chain Height: The chain height is set higher so that you work at a more effective pull level.
  • Low Flywheel: The flywheel is set low to provide a clear and open view over the front of the machine.
  • Extra Reach: The handle stop is set further forward so that tall rowers can row a longer stroke without limiting forward reach.
  • Only four wheels to make it glide: The rolling frame requires only four bearing mounted roller wheels to glide the rolling frame along the stationary base rail.
  • Clean Wheels: The wheels are concealed inside the custom rail extrusion, keeping them clear of dirt and dust and maintenance to a minimum.
  • Smooth and frictionless: The contact area between the wheels and rail is minimal which reduces the mechanical friction and makes the rolling frame glide with smooth and seamless ease.
  • Long range of travel: The Slider has a long range of end to end travel and a neutral zone where there is no bungee engaged to return the rolling frame. The bungee is there only as a preventative measure to return the rolling frame to the center once it approaches the end of the available travel length without interruption to the rower.
  • Unrestricted Seat Movement: The seat is free to move unhindered along the entire length of the seat rail.
  • Resistance: The resistance is created by an air fan flywheel and is adjustable by moving the lever on the side of the flywheel housing. The resistance can also be set to a numerical drag factor displayed on the monitor.
  • Leveling Rear Leg: The Slider has an adjustable rear leg for easy leveling of the base rail and a spirit level for quick reference.
  • Crew Simulation: The Oartec Slider uses a simple connecting tube that attaches to the front of one machine and to the rear of another to link the machines together for crew simulation of up to 8 machines in line. This feature creates the ability to train as a crew and work on timing, rhythm and stroke cycle coordination together as a great training alternative.
  • Moving and Storage: The Oartec Slider has wheels mounted on the front leg base so that it can easily be moved around. It can also be stood upright on the front end of the frame for convenient storage when not in use.
  • Oartec Training Monitor: The Oartec Training Monitor (OTM) is a performance monitor that provides a number of display and training features specific for rowing.

Features include:

  • Calibrated exactly to industry standards for rowing speed.
  • Scores are accurately comparable from machine to machine.
  • 3 Workout Modes - Just Row, programmable Time and Distance, and custom Interval workouts.
  • Heart Rate Monitoring - Compatible with Polar HR chest belt and receiver.
  • Technique feedback - Stroke Length and Drive Ratio.
  • Resistance can be set to a numerical Drag Factor.
  • Workout Memory - previous workout recall.
  • USB output for connectivity to external software programs.

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Max User Weight: 180kg

  • Length: 210cm / 85"
  • Maximum Overall Length (in use): 322.6cm / 127" in / 10.6' ft
  • Width: 56.5cm / 22.25" in
  • Height: 96.5cm / 38" in
  • Total Weight: 45.5kgs / 100lbs
  • Dynamic Frame Weight: 24kgs / 53lbs
  • Stored Height: 214cm / 84" in / 7' ft

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  • 15 Years Frame
  • 3 Year Parts
  • 1 Year Labour*


* In relation to any warranty exceeding 1 year, i.e. frame, motor, electronics or parts, the warranty is for the aforementioned only and excludes labour which will be charged separately after any labour warranty has expired

*Any cost associated with the transportation, travel, or freight to or from a customers premises is at the customers cost. This means a customer must return the machine to the point of sale or the closest service centre before any warranty work is undertaken.

Commercial Warranties:

Warranties are subject to change depending on installation environment and usage, please contact your regional commercial manager for further information on the correct warranty for your facility