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Impulse Health® is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. We have over 41 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 21 years as an OEM business, manufacturing fitness equipment for world leading fitness brands.

The Impluse Fitness PL Series is easy to use, have a neat appearance, are high quality dual function machine, made for light commercial use. Dual function designs offer the most popular exercises delivered in an 8 model package. PL series is so simple and natural that it feels like custom-built for every user. There are 8 dual function machines which act as 16 different workout stations.

Products in PL Series: (See Pricing Tab for Pricing Guide)

  • PL 9002 Lat Pull Down / Seated Row
  • PL 9010 Leg Press / Calf Raise
  • PL 9016 Outer / Inner Thigh
  • PL 9019 Leg Extension / Leg Curl
  • PL 9021 Multi Press
  • PL 9022 Rear Deltoid / Pectoral Fly
  • PL 9023 Biceps / Triceps
  • PL 9024 Ab / Lower Back
  • Instructive- Simple step by step instructions and training tips.
  • 19mm Thick plywood backing followed by 38mm thick foam core, covered by industrial vinyl, total thickness is 60mm.
  • The standard color of the pad is brown. Material and colour option is available based on customer requirements.
  • Logo and sticker are customerised
  • Finish:Electrostatic poder-coated and heat cured after adhesiveness enhancement pre-treatment for superior durability.
  • Tubing: Electro-welded to maximum integrity
  • Available Weight stack options: 77 kgs (170 lbs), 113 kgs (250 lbs)

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Item No. LBs Description Price
PL9002 170 LAT PULLDOWN/SEATED ROW $3,210.00
PL9002 250 LAT PULLDOWN/SEATED ROW $3,560.00
PL9010 170 LEG PRESS/CALF RAISE $3,620.00
PL9010 250 LEG PRESS/CALF RAISE $3,970.00
PL9016 170 INNER/OUTER THIGH $3,420.00
PL9016 250 INNER/OUTER THIGH $3,735.00
PL9019 170 LEG EXTENSION/LEG CURL $3,760.00
PL9019 250 LEG EXTENSION/LEG CURL $4,090.00
PL9021 170 MULTI PRESS $3,560.00
PL9021 250 MULTI PRESS $3,250.00
PL9022 170 PEC DECK/REAR DELT $3,900.00
PL9022 250 PEC DECK/REAR DELT $3,900.00
PL9023 170 BICEPS/TRICEPS $2,755.00
PL9023 250 BICEPS/TRICEPS $3,300.00
PL9024 170 AB/LOW BACK $3,310.00
PL9024 250 AB/LOW BACK $3,655.00
HG5   MULTI GYM $3,380.00
IFFI5   BENCH $525.00
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 2 Years Moving Arms
  • 1 Year Parts (linear, bearings, springs, adjustments)
  • 6 Months Parts (hand grips, upholstery, pads and rollers, all other parts including end caps)
  • 1 Year Labour
  • Suitable for Light Commercial Environments


Commercial Warranties:


Warranties are subject to change depending upon installation, environment and usage. Please contact your regional commercial manager for more information on the correct warranty for your facility.


*Rusting / Misuse / Lack of Maintenance / Normal wear are not covered by warranty.