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Impulse Health® is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. We have over 41 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 21 years as an OEM business, manufacturing fitness equipment for world leading fitness brands.

IF Cable Products: (See Pricing Tab for Pricing Guide)

  • IFCC Cable Crossover - simple clean lines, rotary bearings, weight stacks and guide rods. Everything you can count on.
  • IFFT Functional Trainer - makes working out simple, efficient and comfortable while using a wide variety of muscles. 
  • IF HG5 Cable Motion Gym - standing or sitting you can train all your muscle whist focusing on balance and coordination.

IFCC Cable Cross Over:

  • Interchangeable Cable Handles
  • Pull Up Station
  • Extra Wide, Extra Tall
  • Structural Steel Frame
  • L x W x H: 3660 x 1040 x 2120 mm (144 x 41 x 83.5 in)
  • Weight: 291 kgs
  • Weight Stack: 2 x 68 kgs (150 lbs)


IFFT Functional Trainer:

  • L x W x H: 900 x 1800 x 2130 mm (35.5 x 70.9 x 83.9 in)
  • Weight: 336 kgs (741 lbs)
  • Weight Stack 2 x 91 kgs (200 lbs)


IF HG5 Cable Motion Gym:

  • Weight:183 kgs
  • Weight Stack: 73 kgs




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Item No. LBs Description Price
IF8125 200 ADJUSTABLE HI/LO PULLEY $3,175.00
IF8127 200 x 4 4 STACK MULTI-STATION $9,450.00
IF8127 OPT   CONNECTION $555.00
IFCC B 150 x 2 CABLE CROSSOVER  $4,345.00
IFCC B-10-US 200 x 2 CABLE CROSSOVER  $4,720.00
  • Lifetime Frame
  • 2 Years Moving Arms
  • 1 Year Parts (linear bearings, springs, adjustments)
  • 6 Month Parts (hand grips, upholstery, pad and rollers, all other parts including end caps)
  • 1 Year Labour

Commercial Warranties:


Warranties are subject to change depending on installation, environment and usage. Please contact your regional commercial manager for further information on a warranty suitable to your facility.


*Rusting / Misuse / Lack of Maintenance / Normal Wear are not covered by warranty.