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Impulse Health® is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. We have over 41 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 21 years as an OEM business, manufacturing fitness equipment for world leading fitness brands. Impulse Health® offers complete packages with a commercial grade focus at a competitive price. With our cable equipment you not only can work nearly all muscle groups from one spot, but you'll also get the benefits of free weights with the convenience and ease of a machine.

Work on improving your core strength, balance and coordination. The commercial grade Encore Functional Trainer provides a huge range of versatile movements that improve you and your client’s strength training benefits. The features include dual adjustable pulley for vast free movement resistance, rack for personal storage and equipment accessory storage. Sturdy with an ergonomic design, the Encore functional trainer is the perfect addition for any gym. Self-lubricating USA loos™ cable system with high grade pulleys ensure a super smooth movement every time.

  • Dual Adjustable Pulley
  • One hand adjustable lever-lock system
  • Water bottle, phone and Ipad rack storage
  • Accessory storage
  • Dimensions  2705 x 2455 x 2148(mm)
  • Weight Stack: 2 x 200 lbs / 2 x 91 kg
  • Weight: 365kg
  • Tubing: 50*100*2.5(mm) race-track tube
  • Sturdy & durable steel shrouds
  • High-density poly-foam Upholstery offers comfort and endurability.
  • Self-lubricate American loos™ cable with nylon-coated 12 complex fibre ensures service life more than 220 thousand times.
  • Plug-in selector Adjustment pin with lemon yellow colour marked on
  • TPR handlebar offers comfort and safe exercise

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