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Impulse Health® is a leading manufacturer and developer of fitness equipment. We have over 41 years of experience supplying cardio & strength fitness equipment and more than 21 years as an OEM business, manufacturing fitness equipment for world leading fitness brands.

The Impulse IT Line is the flagship strength line consisting of a series of 50 high end commercial modes. The IT line is an affordable option for a high end commercial gym.

Full Commercial grade Flat Bench from Impulse Fitness. With a small footprint of just 1150mm x 900mm this compact bench will be at home in any gym.  The low pad height makes it accessible to a greater demographic.  For use primarily with free weights. The design of the IT range is made to fit any gym, while it remains entirely congruant with the design of previous generations, making it a seamless addition to any gym currently using Impulse equipment.

  • Full Commercial Grade Construction
  • Industrial Grade Bearings
  • Double Stitched, High Density Upholstery
  • Quick Seat Height Adjustment
  • Oversized Solid Foot Supports
  • Comfort Grips
  • Dimensions: 115.9cm L x 90cm W x 42cm H 
  • NW: 25kg / 55lbs

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