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Speedballs are excellent for precision training, shoulder endurance and hand-eye coordination. They one of the key tools used by boxers to prepare for a fight. The speed ball--also known as the speed bag--hangs on a swivel hook at a height slightly above eye level. It is a staple exercise for all boxers.

The NZ Boxer speed ball can provide some really great benefits to your defensive techniques and your fitness. It is a tear drop shaped leather inflated ball. It's purpose is to teach you to keep your hands up for the full length of a fight and to learn speed and agility. If you want these attributes then train on the floor to ceiling ball. Not only is it used for boxing training but general gym training as it provides a great cardio and all round workout.


  • Made from PunchTex.
  • Wide attachment strap.
  • Good for general use 
  • Ideal for speed work
  • Durable



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