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All GoFit Gloves have superior perfomance features and include an interactive workout CD (PC Only - Not compatible with MAC) which configures a personal, 12-week program based on GoFit's One Rep Max Calculator. The CD also shows proper form for recommended lifts and a nutrition section full of excellent nutritional tips. The GoFit Elite Padded Gloves are the perfect way to increase your grip strength and fight hand fatique.

GoFit's new patent-pending, Articulated Grip design puts your hand in a natural, flexed position, removing excess material from the palm of the glove, improving comfort, hand dexterity and grip strength. Combine our new Articulated Grip with ergonomic, gel-padded palm and technically-advanced materials for a weightlifting glove superior in comfort and durability.

Men's Size 

M: 23 cm (8 1/2 -9 Inches)
L:  25 cm (9 1/2 - 10 Inches) 
XL: 28 cm (10 1/2 -11 Inches)

Colour: Grey/Black 



  • Articulated Grip Design for Natural Flexed Position 
  • Improves Comfort, Hand Dexterity & Grip Strength 
  • Gel-Padded Palm for Maximum Comfort
  • Highly Durable Technically-Advanced Materials
  • Includes Interactive Workout CD for a Personalised 12-Week Program + Proper Form & Nutritional Advice
  • Available Sizes: Medium, Large & X-Large



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