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The Reebok Multi-Purpose Deck is a versatile multi-purpose system that can be used as an aerobic stepping platform, an incline or decline bench as well as a seat or for step with weights. It's a very useful gym tool and the uncompromising quality design of the Deck enables the performance of free weight strength. Endurance and power exercises. Adjustable to 2 different heights for added resistance and comes with workout DVD and Light Resistance Tube.


Maintain good form with dumbbells using the Deck as a weight bench in any one of three positions.


Step high or low to get your heart pumping and shape up bum and thighs.


Change the Deck's incline bench back position for more intense stretches and stomach workouts.


Slot resistance tubes into the guide channels for working specific muscle groups.

Easy to Use

Changing the positions of some workout benches can be frustrating and time consuming. But with the Reebok Deck, you won’t be spending your workout time playing with the adjustments. Locking positions that click into place make it simple and easy to shift the leg and back positions.

  • Includes Reebok University Workout Program and DVD
  • 10 adjustable arrangements
  • Click into place, locking positions
  • Single piece construction
  • Non-slip durable rubber surface
  • Rubber, anti-slip feet
  • Dimensions 1100 x 330 x 205/355 mm
  • Weight 11.5 kg



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