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Motioncraft is a subsidary company to the Pro Gym Co established in 1991. All Motioncraft products have been designed by a team of dedicated engineers and product designers. Not only are the products visually appealing and unique, Motioncraft also design what goes inside. Eddy Current Brakes, Electro Magnetic Braking Systems, as well as motors and controllers for all products. Worldwide Motioncraft have over 100 patents protecting their exclusive designs. Motioncraft bring to the fitness industry a level of design skill and technical expertise that earns them the admiration of our customers and the envy of our competitors.

Rowing is an excellent exercise to attain maximum physical fitness. Much like rowing a boat on the water, a stationary rowing machine can help to build and tone muscles, strengthen cardiovascular function and increase stamina. Rowing machines are particularly effective for older fitness enthusiasts because there they place no strain on the back and joints.

The Motioncraft R101 Rowing Machine is a premium product, designed and built to the highest standards to give you the ultimate workout and burn some serious calories!

The R101 Rower features a sophisticated on-board console, that provides feedback such as Strokes, Calories, Watts, Time, Pulse, Heart Rate to give motivation for even the most demanding users. The R101 has a magnetic air resistance system.

The R101 Rowing Machine stores data for up to 5 users and provides programs such as 1x Pace Boat, 1x Race Program, 2x Interval Programs, 4x Heart Rate Control, 1x Watts, 5x Personal Profile, 25x Profile, 1x Fitness, 1x Game, 1x Recovery. The super-smooth R101 is much quieter than competing models, yet is rugged enough to accommodate people up to 130kg in weight.

The combination of superior technology and excellent build quality puts the R101 in class of its own.

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Max User Weight: 160kg

  • Silent Air/ Magnetic Resistance Technology
  • Ergonomic handlebar
  • Large adjustable foot rests
  • Foot straps for security
  • Advanced Console Display: Strokes, Calories, Watts, Time, Pulse, Heart Rate
  • Programs: 1x Pace Boat, 1x Race Program, 2x Interval Programs, 4x Heart Rate Control, 1x Watts, 5x Personal Profile, 25x Profile, 1x Fitness, 1x Game, 1x Recovery.
  • Row Start- Basic just row setting
  • Transport Wheels
  • Foldaway frame
  • Polar® HR strap receiver
  • EN-957 Standard



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  • Robbie Skilton - Nov 14
    I bought this rower in about March 2014 and have been very pleased with it. The rower is very comfortable to use and has suited all my family members comfort wise and with its many different programs and profiles has a workout to suit everyone. I especially like the fact that there are 5 different personal profiles that can be set up for different family members so that the workout and fitness evaluation is personalised. The rower is very robust and easily able to handle a wide range of user weights. I highly recommend it.
  • Neville Howard - Sep 15
    We have had the rower for 1 month and been on it most work days twice a day. The seat carriage is very smooth unlike others we tested. The computer screen is large and clear so very easy to read. There are plenty of programs and options for a workout. Bonus having the heart rate monitor to see your recovery time. It is sturdy and easy to get on and off not like some which are almost on the ground. Highly recommend this rower.
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