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Using the Elite Throw/Catch balls while training can be effective in improving muscular power, and movement velocity is a critical factor in power development. Plyometrics increase the power of movement by harnessing the natural elastic components of the muscles and tendons as well as the stretch reflex. These quick movements develop explosive power through muscular actions.

Throw ball training is one of the many components in an individuals routine. The ball exercises promote variety by introducing a novel stimulus for the phyiological adaption. It helps to develop total body power, muscular endurance and flexiblilty. Throw Balls can be used for standard weight-lifting exercises in place of free weights and for dynamic exercises that involve an increased cardiovascular aspect. Throw balls are also effective for athletic training because they improve muscle mass, cardiovascular endurance and hand-eye coordination.

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Sizes Available: 3kg - 10kg & 12kg

  • Highly Durable Skin
  • Ideal for CrossFit Training
  • Various Weights Available

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