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Ex Floor Model / Demo Machine looking for a new home

Used Ex Floor Model sold as is in good working order. Item may have visible marks and cosmetic scratches

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Product Description

The Proform® Tour De France Spin bike is as close as you can get to riding on the road while being comfortably positioned indoors, The Proform® Tour De France Spin Bike is jam packed with amazing features but the idea of this bike alone is exceptional.

With 20 degrees of incline and decline enabling you to mimic riding up and down hills, while the on-board system factors in wind resistance to provide a further level of accuracy it gives you an experience extremely close to a real life road ride while actually being indoors. The iFit® capabilities of the bike lets you accurately practise your regular ride routes through Google Maps as the bike changes both resistance and angle depending on the topography of your mapped route. Other features include SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance), accurate gear adjustments, large display screen (with many readings and measurements) and many other features which all combine to make this one of the best training aids available for the average or professional cyclist alike.

  • iFit®: Get smart workouts and faster results with iFit®, featuring workouts Powered by Google Maps™ and training with Jillian Michaels. iFit® is the only innovative technology to unify a complete range of fitness experiences by tracking your activities at home, in the club, and outside with a single login. However and wherever you move, you’ll have access to every workout you complete across multiple machines and devices. No other fitness technology is as universal, or as accurate as iFit®.
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod®: Rock your workout to your favorite music! Simply plug your iPod** into the Intermix Acoustics Sound System and listen to incredible sound through two speakers. You’ll stay motivated to lose weight! **iPod is a trademark of Apple, Inc., registered in the US and other countries. iPod® not included.
  • Flywheel: 22kg Inertia-enhanced flywheel.
  • Resistance: SMR™ Silent Magnetic Resistance is a smooth frictionless resistance system that lets you adjust your workout intensity quickly and efficiently, having no physical contact with the flywheel delivers wear-free resistance.
  • Incline/Decline: 20% digital incline & decline lets you map out almost any route in the world, giving you a realistic ride as if you were out on the road but without the traffic.
  • Programs: 24 Pre-set Tour de France workouts provides you with high intensity sessions for when you just want to jump on and get going.
  • Console: Keep track of your workout time, distance, pulse, watts, RPM's and calories burned with this easy-to-read 3.5" full colour display, you can quickly view the workout stats you want without scrolling through options.
  • Pedals: Designed to keep your feet in place, these pedals are built with toe cages to increase stability. You can choose to ride using the caged pedals or switch them out to use your own clip pedals.
  • Comfort & Ease of Use: With a fully adjustable seat and handle bars you can make sure you have a comfortable ride, you can even remove the seat that comes with the bike and swap on your own for extra customisation.
  • Intelligent Wind Resistance: automatically adjusts the resistance of your bike based on your wind profile, the technology calculates your height and weight to apply the natural resistance you would get out on the road.
  • Tallest User Recommendation: 6'0

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  • 10 Years Frame
  • 2 Years Parts
  • 1 Year Labour*


* In relation to any warranty exceeding 1 year, i.e. frame, motor, electronics or parts, the warranty is for the aforementioned only and excludes labour which will be charged separately after any labour warranty has expired

*Any cost associated with the transportation, travel, or freight to or from a customers premises is at the customers cost. This means a customer must return the machine to the point of sale or the closest service centre before any warranty work is undertaken.