Plyometric boxes are essential for performing various jumping exercises; off the box to a cushioned landing, or springing onto or over the boxes. The only problem with these exercises is the element of risk. A standard plyometric box can tip if an inexperienced – or just plain tired – athlete stumbles, or can result in a painful scraping of the shins.

Xtreme Elite Soft Foam Plyometric Box Set provide a safe, stable platform which eliminates the risk. Made of high-density EVA foam. In addition to plyometrics, the boxes are great for performing step-ups and box squats. They are also light which makes them easy to move around your gym, box or wherever you need to set up.



  • Ultra Dense Foam Core with Softer Foam on all 6 Sides
  • Covered with Heavy Duty Vinyl
  • Large Hook & Loop Strips on all 4 Sides to Ensure the Boxes Wont Slip when Stacked
  • Set Includes: 3", 6", 12", 18", 20" & 24" Soft Plyo Box's



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