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The Xtreme Elite Strongman Log (45kg) is a specialized Training tool used for both Cross-Fit and general workouts. The Neutral grip reduces stress on the shoulders and allows for a greater lift without inhibiting your Strength or Power.

The Strongman Log is one of the more ‘conventional’ implements used in strongman training. It can be used for Olympic lifts like the clean-and-press and snatch as well as their component movements (military and push press and jerk), along with bent-over rows and partial bench presses. The Xtreme Elite Strongman Log is constructed of one solid, fully-welded piece and finished with a textured, matte-black powder-coat finish. The Log's weight sleeves will fit olympic weight plates.

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  • Constructed of One Solid, Fully Welded Piece
  • Textured, Matte Black, Powder Coat Finish
  • Log Weight: 45kg

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