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The Jerk is an explosive full-body action that strengthens the legs, the upper-body and overall stability. The split landing position further develops single-leg stability, beneficial for sports performance and global strength.

The Xtreme Elite Wooden Jerk Box Set consists of 2x four interlocking boxes (38cm, 30cm and 2 x 15cm blocks) constructed from durable 20mm structural grade ply that can reliably handle heavy overhead drops with ease, removing the need to clean the bar to the front rack position after each repetition and give the lifter added confidence in the vulnerable lockout stance. Especially critical when using loads that cannot be lowered under control to the shoulder, the internal bracing structures within the Jerk Boxes allow for a dedicated set of heavy jerks, translating to colossal gains in power and strength.

Under fatigue, all you want to do is drop the bar safely after the final repetition. With sturdy roll blocks secured to each end of the box, the lifter can drop the bar with assurance the loaded bar will remain on top of the box platform.

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  • Set Includes 2x 4 Interlocking Boxes (38cm, 30cm & 2x 15cm)
  • Constructed from Durable 20mm Structural Grade Ply
  • Sturdy Roll Blocks Secured to Each End of the Box



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