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The Elite Rebounder is extremely versatile, especially when working out alone! Perfect for beginner, advanced and rehabilitation exercises.

Athletes and fitness buffs have rediscovered the benefits of medicine balls for workouts and the Elite Rebounder is a vital addition to their regimen. Medicine ball throwing exercises help increase the explosiveness and power of the upper body and are especially effective for those who play baseball, volleyball, football, tennis and basketball.

  • Improved cardiovascular endurance & fitness
  • Increased leg power, hip & core strength
  • Improved coordination, balance & weight loss!
  • Flexible surfaces challenges balance and coordination while improving strength and stamina.
  • Great for hops, twists, lunges, squats, abdominal exercises, throwing and catching and more!
  • Durable Commercial-grade, steel frame
  • Perfect for working out the upper body
  • Can be used as a trampoline and jogger
  • Improves balance, reaction time, and coordination

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