The Xtreme Elite 3 Tier High Level Dumbbell Rack cuts storage space nearly in half. Dumbbells are easy to store and easy to pick up so you can quickly and easily start your workout, now you don't have to bend down and strain yourself to pick up those heavy weights as they are neatly stacked at easy to reach heights on the rack thanks to bio-mechanically correct shelf angles. Your dumbbells can be placed on this rack instead of lying across the floor between workouts. Rounded front edges mean less chance of damage to dumbbells.

Perfect for home or gym use. You can now have more open space in your home gym or gym with the Xtreme Elite 3 Tier High Level Dumbbell Rack.

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  • Assembled Size: 41.5" W x 33" H x 24" D
  • Heavy Duty Durable Construction
  • Holds 18 Pairs of Dumbbells (1-30kg)
  • Cuts Storage Space in Half
  • Ensures Dumbbells are Easy to Place and Pick Up
  • Bio-mechanically Correct Shelf Angles

Assembled Size: 41.5" W x 33" H x 24" D

Assembled Size: 41.5" W x 33" H x 24" D


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