The Xtreme Sled is used to extend Athletic pace and strength. The sturdy metal sled has a rubber base and an olympic weight holder.

Simply place olympic weightplates on the sled and sprint; the sled is designed to slide smoothly and with precision behind you. To add the desired resistance, just add more weight plates onto the sleeve and run. The sled will smoothly slide behind you. Enjoy the feeling of increasing your strength and speed.

The Xtreme Elite Sled can increase your overall power output and capacity by adding resistance to your sprinting, or as a strength tool for heavy towing. Towing a weighted sled while sprinting overloads your drive muscles and forces the nervous system to recruit greater "work" which in turn improves your ground force production and corresponding explosive acceleration and speed. Simply increase the tow weight as you get stronger and fitter. Great for individual training, personal trainers, rugby/sports clubs, and active rest days!

The Xtreme Elite Sled has many advantages over the traditional Power Speed Resistor cables which is a harness attached to two people with one pulling for resistance and the other running against it. The Xtreme Elite Sled has a smooth pull instead of the inconsistent resistance of dragging a person along. Also the sled can be used by yourself, so you don't need a partner to train.

Note: Weight plates not included

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  • Constructed of High Quality Steel
  • Finished in a Black Powder Coat

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