The Xtreme Elite Victory Prowler Sled is the most solid Push / Pull Sled in the market today.
Weighted sleds offer an interesting training stimulus. Because they require only a ‘concentric’ (force generating) phase of muscle contraction without having to resist or ‘lower’ a weight (eccentric action) they provoke less residual muscle damage than conventional weight training. Meaning they can be used for active recovery work and volume work to improve training capacity, speed and power without overly taxing recovery and repair systems.

As part of the new Xtreme Elite crossfit range, the Xtreme Elite Victory Prowler Sled is the very best sled available.Not only the best conditioning piece of exercise equipment on the market, it's also one of the best ways to develop strength in your legs, hips, and arms while getting an amazing aerobic workout from pushing or dragging it.  Originally the design of the Prowler Sled was to condition NFL athletes, the Xtreme Elite Victory Prowler Sled is perfect for anyone looking for an amazing all over body workout. Featuring low handles that can be pushed from either direction- from the front or rear of the sled. When pushing from behind, the trainee is required to sink his or her hips extremely low to move the sled, or else the front ski will just sink into the ground. It is the only push/pull sled on the market that is constructed to allow such variety of mobility.




  • Total Weight of 36kgs
  • Solid Steel Push Posts Ensure Stability
  • Removable Posts to Easily Change Your Direction
  • Replaceable Nylon Feet

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