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J-Cups are the most functional part of the cage. They are the most common point of contact between the weight load and the cage, and is where the user spends the most time interacting with a cage.

The Elite Rig J-Cup is a high quality tool that is essential for all barbell work as they provide a safe and secure hook to lift bars off and on while performing lifts. They also provide a stable hook for loading or unloading plates from the bar.

Elite J-Cups are manufactured with 6mm thick mild steel and then bolted together using a 20mm thick piece of high grade polyethylene plastic so you don't damage your bars. They are also interchangeable with all CrossFit Rig gear.

  • Heavy Duty Rig Use
  • Interchangeable With Elite Rigs
  • Great for Holding Barbells for Bench Press and Squat
  • For Use with the Power Rack or Cages
  • Sold Individually

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