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Build explosive power and strength with the Xtreme Elite Plyometric Box Set. The tapered design allows for much greater stability and easy stacking for storage. Each plyo box is constructed of 1" square steel tubing. The top platform is covered with 10mm thick rubber track surface. Anti-skid rubber is located at base corners to prevent slipping and to protect floors.

Plyometric Boxes, Plyo boxes for short, are boxes of varying heights that are a type of exercise designed to produce fast and powerful movements. Plyometric training refers to any form of exercise that improves speed, movement, strength, and jumping ability. It involves explosive muscle movement such as jumping. Plyometric boxes and exercises produce muscular development through powerful and explosive movements that allows maximum exertion of muscles in short bursts.


  • 4x Different Sized Plyo Boxes (18", 24", 30" & 42")
  • Durable, Solid Steel Frame
  • 10mm Anti-Skid Rubber Surface
  • Tapered Design

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