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Xtreme Elite Power Bands are an incredible versatile tool for adding resistance to stretching, lifting, and bodyweight training exercises, Ideal for assisted pull ups and dips and assistance to almost any power and speed training exercise.

Xtreme Elite Power Bands will allow you to choose the perfect resistance when bench pressing or when completing dead-lifts.

Work your upper body unilaterally and bilaterally to enhance strength, endurance, tone, coordination and flexibility. Whatever your fitness level, the Xtreme Elite Power Bands will help you reach your goals and improve your overall fitness. Enjoy increasing your strength with our Xtreme Elite Power Bands.

Red Extra Light – 13mm wide: Resistance is 2.2kg - 11.3kg

BlackLight – 22mm wide: Resistance is 4.5kg - 15.9kg

Purple – Medium – 32mm wide: Resistance is 13.6kg - 22.7kg

Green – Heavy – 45mm wide Resistance is 29kg – 38kg

BlueExtra Heavy – 65mm wide Resistance is 36kg – 45kg

  • Available Sizes: 13mm (Red), 22mm (Black), 32mm (Purple), 45mm (Green), 65mm (Blue)
  • All 2000mm Long
  • 6.5mm Thickness
  • Ideal for Assisted Pull-Ups & Dips
  • Heavy Duty Power Band

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