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Our Xtreme Power Bags have been redesigned to improve its durability, functionality and aesthetics. The new 2015 design features stronger Velcro tabs, a premium look and new feel to the bag. Its construction is superior compared to other power bags of on the market.

As with any power bag, the bag changes every time you move it, making the workout challenging and effective. The Xtreme Power Bag features a robust ‘rigid’ structure, maintaining its shape throughout the workout with all the advantages of the moving sand within.

The Xtreme Power Bag works to improve your strength and endurance. It can be caught and thrown just like a medicine ball, using your energy expenditure to accelerate your metabolism.

Designed with additional handles, your training can include movements that are suitable for both individual and partner exercises. This allows a much wider range of people to benefit from the strength, power and endurance that these movements develop.

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Available weights: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg & 30kg

  • Superior construction to any other power bag of this style
  • Extra handles to complement existing handles
  • New “Ignite” premium styling
  • Enhanced, stronger Velcro tabs
  • Indoors and outdoor use
  • Only bag of its type to feature top handle
  • Maintains its tubular shape
  • 2x inner bags with extra foam lining
  • Colour coded weights

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  • Andrew - Sep 17
    Purchased 20kg for personal use. Great construction, multiple hand grips, easy to transport. Would recommend to others.