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Are you looking for a unique and fun way to tone up and get fit? The Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine delivers a total body workout in one compact, easy to use machine and is suitable for all fitness levels. From the comfort of your own home, experience the benefits vibration training has to offer:

  • Burn fat, build muscle, enhance endurance, promote circulation, enjoy muscle relaxation and massage after exercise and improve general fitness levels.

How does the Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine work? Between 40 and 60% of the muscles fibres are recruited to perform free-weight or resistance machine exercises. When performing similar exercises on a vibration plate, almost 100% of the target muscles fibres are used. This is achieved by creating an almost constant state of reflex in the muscles. This means that the muscles are flexing and contracting at a very high frequency producing faster increases in muscular strength. Put simply, the Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine will put your muscles to work!

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Max User Weight: 120kg
Product Weight: 21kg
Product Dimensions: 800 x 450 x 150mm

  • Power: 500W
  • Operation Noise: Less than 55dB
  • LCD Display: Time, Speed & Programme
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Resistance Bands for Upper Body Workouts
  • Remote Control for Easy Operation (requires 2 x AAA Alkaline batteries)

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  • Mohammed Samdani - Oct 16
    This Machine is very good for people who do not have time to go to gym regularly. This is the time saving Machine. Any time you want your Gym is at your home. This is very beneficial for old age people after 50 years of age who can not run or has some difficulties in their joints.
  • Martin Scard - Nov 16
    Excellent machine. It is ideal for people who have limited time to exercise or do not have a local gym. I suffer from bad knees and have found no side effects from using this equipment.
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