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IFit is the ultimate coaching platform! Whether you are working out on ifit compatible fitness equipment or prefer to take your training outside, with ifit you can take your workout anywhere.

IFit is introducing two new training options that will boost your workout experience to another level. These ifit additions are easily accessible, and are compatible with various smart technologies. Take your training everywhere with the exciting new iFit upgrades.


iFit / COACH

Exciting new features have been added to the iFit app. The premium account provides access to all three impressive applications as well as granting exclusive content access within each app. The 1 year premium membership is $219.95.

The premium account access on the iFit Coach app is designed to learn and adjust to the user preferences. iFit Coach customises a personal fitness plan for the user, taking into consideration an individual’s ideal duration of training, fitness goals, accessories/fitness equipment possessed, preferred days of workout and other metrics. The app takes into account all this information and then provides 3 recommended workouts every day, which is explained through video contents. The video content will rotate between 11 video programmes, eg. Ruthless, X-Factor, KickBoxing, Yoga, Sculpt, Fit in 15 min, Ultimate abs). The premium access can sync to iFit wearables, merging all valueable stats of the user (including iFit BLE stats on fitness equipment). A nutritional tracker that analyses the number of calories per meal recommendation is also included.


The iFit Sleep application can be used via smartphone; which is linked to the Sleep Sensor which sold separately can measure sleep efficiency. Providing the sleep statistics, including an individual’s respiratory patterns, heart rate, sleep cycles, time awake, total sleep duration, sleep score. All information synchs with the iFit training tracker.


The advanced iFit BLE (Bluetooth) application can be linked to compatible fitness equipment when training, with a built GoogleMaps capability to provide an enhanced visual workout experience. Users are able to customise their training, setting goals and adjust settings to suit their preference. Adjustable speed, incline and resistance are controlled directly from your Tablet. Users also have the option of following GoogleMaps pre designed workouts that include live video. These individual programmes are redesigned every few months. This app enhances your individual workout or join the iFit community and participate in public fitness challenge events.



*Google and Google Maps are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.

*Subject to change


Discover Endless Training Opportunities

  • 1 Year iFit® Subscription
  • Connect iFit® Compatible Fitness Equipment to the most advanced fitness technology applications available
  • Create custom workouts using Google Maps™
  • Access a vast library of workouts and programs available for download
  • Train for events using programs specifically designed to help you reach your goal
  • Bluetooth Compatible
  • Calorie intake per meal recommendation
  • Sleep efficiency application
  • Wifi network required for full functionality

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