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Ex Floor Model / Demo Machine looking for a new home

Used Ex Floor Model sold as is in good working order. Item may have visible marks and cosmetic scratches

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Product Description

The HyperVibe Machine is a revolutionary way to stay healthy and fit. just 10 mins a day 3 to 4 times a week is all that is needed to get you on your way to achieving your health and fitness goals.

Backed by decades of research, Whole Body Vibration provides numerous health benefits, and is ever increasing in popularity.

The HyperVibe Performance is packed with features and benefits including, live frequency LCD display, vibration absorbing spring loaded rubber feet, built in frequency specific programs, upper body resistance bands, foot and hand placement guide, interactive DVD, 12 month email support with one of Australia’s leading physios and much, much more.

The fundamental principle of Whole Body Vibration training is to create a response from the mechanical movement of a vibrating platform. The platform creates vibration by pivoting from a centre tilting axis. When a user places their weight on the platform, their own body weight acts as resistance to the forces caused by the vibrating platform.

Of course, HyperVibe machines are not only designed for working out, but also have numerous therapeutic uses also. At low speeds, the gentle rocking action of the platform improves your balance and stability. Rather than induce involuntary muscle reflexes, at lower speeds a user is forced to use their muscles voluntarily to counter act the rocking action of the platform. At speeds slightly higher, the soothing vibrations can be excellent for massage, circulation and injury rehabilitation.

Max user weight: 180kg

  • Steel frame construction
  • Large LCD display showing actual vibration frequency
  • Manual operation mode + 4 frequency specific programs
  • Powerful 900 Watt motor with current overload protection
  • Shock absorbing rubber feet and rear wheels for easy moving
  • G-force range: 0.8 - 17.4
  • Frequency range: 6 - 28Hz
  • Platform movement: pivotal
  • Amplitude: 11mm (peak to peak)
  • Size (cm): 76(w) 64(d) 140(h)
  • Weight: 48kg
  • Max user weight: 180kg
  • Platform size (cm): 56.5(w) 36.5(d)

Also Included

  • Complete user guide
  • Interactive DVD
  • Added resistance bands

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