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The Elite Premium Power Bags are designed to be the highest grade on the market. We have totally redesigned them to create the ultimate power bag. Other power bags are filled with loose sand contained in one large internal bag encased with cheap inslufluff type foam. Over time with normal use the heavy sand bag shifts, putting excess pressure on seams causing them to leak and rip open. This poor quality is a common design problem, that's why we've invested in creating a unique compact core design which absorbs the impact in a compact cylinder design. The unique core design uses compacted Iron Ore pouches between multiple high impact foam disks to stop any movement inside the core when under stress.

A huge variety of exercises can be performed with the Elite Premium Power Bag. Functional loading of sports specific movement patterns can be easily achieved by utilising this versatile training tool. Swinging, throwing and lifting can be practiced alongside intensive grip work.

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Sizes Available: 5kg, 10kg, 15kg, 20kg, 25kg & 30kg

  • Highest quality grade power bags in New Zealand
  • High performance core with 2 iron ore bags and 9 foam disks
  • Air tight core with foam padding
  • High quality ripstop PU material
  • 5 reinforced easy-grip lift straps

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