Elite Inversion Unit

The new Elite Inversion Unit allows you to get a great quality inversion unit without breaking the bank. This unit has all the safety features of more expensive units and uses the same design features. By simply adjusting the height measurement and using the safety catch to lock it in you can go from an upright position to a 30,45 or right through to 180 Degree angle to give a complete Inversion experience.

The benefits of Inversion have been known for years to alleviate back pain by stretching out the Spine relieving pressure on the discs, ligaments and nerves. This unit has an adjustable ankle Clamp with padding at the front and back to give great support when holding the ankles which are carrying all your weight. It also has an adjustable safety strap which will limit the range along with a safety pole which slots between the back legs to stop the unit from going completely upside down. The long adjustment Handle allows you to  simply pull up the lever handle to adjust back and forth and lock the ankles into position without having to bend right over. 130kg Max weight capacity.

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  • Adjustable ankle Clamp with padding at the front and back
  • Adjustable safety strap
  • 180 Degree angle to give a complete Inversion experience
  • 130kg Max weight capacity. 

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