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Maintenance Free Belts and Decks

Icon treadmill belts and decks:

If you have purchased a new NordicTrack, Proform, Weslo, Healthrider or Gold’s Gym Treadmill you’ll probably have been informed that it has maintenance free belt/deck system or this has been printed on your invoice. Please read the following carefully and at the end refer to our MAINTENANCE - LUBRICATING THE RUNNING BELT video and read the TREADMILL MAINTENANCE guide both located on our website support pages.

Generally speaking maintenance free decks/belts are maintenance free for a specific period of time. Then they either require full replacement of the belt or deck or both, or the introduction of maintenance after a set number of hours or miles/kilometers.

The importance of replacement parts or the introduction of maintenance is paramount to get the cheapest and longest term of use out of your belt and deck and to prevent damage to other treadmill components.

For most Icon products listed above the hours of use before maintaining the product is 156 hour or 2 years which ever comes first, obviously environment and other factors may affect this. (Please see below)

After 156 hours of use you can replace the walking belt or start a maintenance program, if maintenance is done adequately then you can prolong the life of the belt by twice or three times or more.

If after 156 hours no maintenance has been done or you have not replaced the running belt then other components can become damaged and this will affect your warranty.

Obviously different factors contribute to the time frame a maintenance free deck/belt will last, but its key to ensure as much as possible you take into account these factors below as to when you intend to either start maintaining or look at replacing the belt. If you are outside of the parameters, look at, and test the belt regularly, this will help to indicate when you should start maintaining the machine or when to replace the belt. The 156 hours or two years is calculated on the factors below:

Environment – optimum environment for the treadmill to be used in is a dry room, stable temperature, (normal room temperature 18oC-22oC.) away from draughts and not in direct sunlight. User type average weight of 80-90kg using the treadmill 3-4 times weekly for ½ hour intervals. If you don’t fit into the above category you may need to start maintenance sooner, or your use or conditions may be even more favorable and you will get a longer term without maintenance or replacing the belt.

The best indication of when to change the belt or when to start maintenance:

Changing the belt:

The underside of the belt is dry to touch and no sign of lubrication can be seen on the black running deck. (Also see maintenance)

The belt is no longer griping your running shoes or no longer rough to touch, but is smooth. Wear is visibly clear in the centre of the belt were its run on compared to the outer edges of the belt. Maintenance is no longer allowing friction free use of the machine.

If the belt is dry and discolored (Another factor to keep in mind are the shoes used, some runners keep a good clean pair of runners for use with their treadmill others use everyday running shoes which may have debris, small stones or dirt ingrained in the sole which will exasperate the wear of the belt)

Maintain the belt and deck:

The underside of the belt is dry to touch and there is only a little lubrication on the black running deck. Ideally maintenance should be started before the running deck and running belt is dry.

If you feel the running belt seems to be sticking a lot or seems to surge under foot. Check the belt for lubrication.

If the machine is in a place were dust accumulates and it’s visible on the edges of the belt. (In this case wipe of any residue, dirt, dust before maintenance)

If the treadmill is near or close to 156 hours or 1.5 years old based on optimum use.

In all cases if you are unsure of the conditions your treadmill is kept in or they vary or you are unsure of the total use or other factors may be in effect, test by either squeezing your hand in between the running belt and black running deck and feel for moisture. If at the centre of the running deck and running belt its dry start maintenance or replace the belt.

Replacing the running belt is often a technical job which is recommended to be done by a technician. Please check with your local store or service agent.

For instructions on how to properly maintain your belt and deck and general treadmill maintenance and to ensure the correct materials and lubricants are used on your treadmill please read the TREADMILL MAINTENANCE guide on the support pages of the website and watch the maintenance videos on the support pages MAINTENANCE-LUBRICATING THE WALKING BELT.