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iFit Coach

Upgrade your Fitness Equipment experience!

When you purchase any NordicTrack or ProForm fitness equipment you have the option of subscribing to the Virtual Personal Coach by iFit, designed to help you achieve your fitness goals.

The iFit trainers take your workouts anywhere in the world, as well as providing the option of enjoying an exciting live studio workout.

You have access to individual 24 hour coaching. iFit coach guides you through your activities, exercises, nutrition and even sleep; your iFit does the thinking for you, so you know what to do next and exactly how to do it.

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iFit on Consoles before 2018

If you are thinking of purchasing any iFit NordicTrack or ProForm equipment, ie. Treadmills/ Exercycles or Ellipticals that were on the market prior to the release of iFit Coach. Here are things that you need to know:

Worldwide training compatible with Google Maps, iFit provides visual street views on the console of your machine and you can manage your pre-set routes or customised drawn routes to suite preferred duration, distance and/or calorie burn.

Daily programs are available through iFit, offering a complimentary workout library which includes programs such as “KickBoxing”, “Fit in 15min, “Fit Mommies”, etc.

Go an extra kilometre by trying out the time and distance challenges.

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Written by Elite Fitness Team,

February 4, 2019