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  • Ideal for Muscle Toning, Weight Loss and Relaxation
  • No Bond
  • 1 Month Minimum
  • FREE Month Hire Refund When You Buy
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Keep fit, stay healthy and get your best body yet! With over 23 years’ experience in providing New Zealander’s with quality fitness equipment, Elite Fitness will help you achieve your fitness goals with our Hire Service. Exercise in the comfort and convenience of your home without the cost or commitment of a gym membership. Whether you are training for an event, bringing your workouts inside during cooler months, on a mission to lose weight, recovering from injury or simply want to maintain your fitness at home, we have a comprehensive range of fitness equipment to suit your needs.

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No Bond
1 Month Minimum

Payments Charged Monthly
FREE 1 Month Hire Refund When You Buy

Exercises on the Proform 980 ZL are based on Intensity.  Instead of traditional exercises on the floor or on a bench, simply exercise on the Proform 980 ZL Vibration Machine. Studies prove exercising on the vibration trainers increases muscle activity up to 73%.  Increased muscle activity leads to stronger, leaner muscles and more calorie burn in less than half the time of normal exercise. In Fact, we recommend that you only use the 980 ZL 10 minutes a day, 3 times a week to avoid muscle fatigue.

How the Proform 980 ZL Vibration Machine Works
The Principle of Vibration says, “Vibration Training causes instability in the human body. As a result, your muscles automatically contract at the same rate of vibration to regain stability.”

Combine the Principle of Vibration and the precise engineering of the 980Z LX into a weight loss workout and you can see why the 980 ZLX delivers more calorie burn in less time.

More muscle contraction means more calories burned in less time and that’s why it only takes 10 minutes 3 times a week to get unbelievable results.

Why Vibration Gets Faster Results in Half the Time?
Vibration Exercise operates on the fact that whenever force or energy is applied, energy in this case, the body reacts through muscle contraction in order to maintain its balance and equilibrium.

The secret of the 980 ZL is that it allows you to combine Energy and Force.

If you combine Vibration (Energy) with Traditional Exercise (Force), you can now get the same or better results in literally half the time. A study conducted by the Gerontological Society of America demonstrates this claim.

Controlled Group
The CON group was repeatedly advised not to change lifestyle or physical activiity during the project.

FIT Group
The FIT group worked out twice as long as the Whole Body Vibration Group, performing cardiovascular, resistance, balance, and flexibility exercises

Whole Body Vibration Group
The WBV group exercised less than 1/2 the time of the FIT group and achieved the same or better results.

With Whole Body Vibration training you can get the same or better results in less than half the time.

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User Info
Height of Tallest User6'/183 cm & Above
Number of Users2-4 users
Duration of Each Workout15-30 minutes
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  • Strong, Reliable Proform® Motor
  • Large Platform to Perform Upper and Lower Body Exercises
  • Large Blue Backlit LCD Display
  • Control Buttons at Base for Ease of Use
  • 4 Different Training Modes
  • Ideal for Muscle Toning, Weight Loss and Relaxation
  • Easy Grip Handles
  • Transport Wheels
  • Quality American Designed
  • Check out our Hire FAQ for more information