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Keep fit, stay healthy and get your best body yet! With over 23 years’ experience in providing New Zealander’s with quality fitness equipment, Elite Fitness will help you achieve your fitness goals with our Hire Service. Exercise in the comfort and convenience of your home without the cost or commitment of a gym membership. Whether you are training for an event, bringing your workouts inside during cooler months, on a mission to lose weight, recovering from injury or simply want to maintain your fitness at home, we have a comprehensive range of fitness equipment to suit your needs.

For a professional advice, visit us at 11 stores nationwide, call 0800 243 834 or click on Apply to Hire to complete an application form online. We offer month-to-month payment terms and a quick in-home delivery service. Easy!

Call your local store today to discuss your fitness equipment hire needs or check out our Hire FAQ for more information.

No Bond
1 Month Minimum

Payments Charged Monthly
FREE 1 Month Hire Refund When You Buy

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to tone up and get fit? The Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine delivers a total body workout in one compact, easy to use machine and is suitable for all fitness levels. From the comfort of your own home, experience the benefits vibration training has to offer:

  • Build muscle, enhance endurance, promote circulation, enjoy muscle relaxation and massage after exercise and improve general fitness levels.

How does the Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine work? Between 40 and 60% of the muscles fibres are recruited to perform free-weight or resistance machine exercises. When performing similar exercises on a vibration plate, almost 100% of the target muscles fibres are used. This is achieved by creating an almost constant state of reflex in the muscles. This means that the muscles are flexing and contracting at a very high frequency producing faster increases in muscular strength. Put simply, the Elite Vibe Fit 1000 Vibration Machine will put your muscles to work!

Vibration Training Benefits:

Gain strength
Get a fit and toned appearance without the soreness and high-injury risk that comes with tradition strength training. Combining whole body vibration with traditional body weight movements (like squats and planks) can amplify results even further!

Increase circulation
Vibration helps drain the lymphatic system and increase overall circulation for healthier looking skin, faster injury recovery, and extremity protection from the effects of conditions like peripheral artery disease (PAD) and diabetes.

Lessen pain
Training with a whole body vibration machine lessons pain caused by stiff joints and sore muscles. By increasing blood flow to muscles, vibration training can improve flexibility, which addresses a number of common types of pain, like lower back pain (which is often related to extremely inflexible hamstrings). Increased circulation also means there is increased blood flow to injured areas, promoting faster healing time and shorter recovery.

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User Info
Height of Tallest User6'/183 cm & Above
Number of Users1-2 users
Duration of Each Workout15-30 minutes
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  • Gain Strength, Tone and Increase Circulation
  • No Bond
  • 1 Month Minimum
  • FREE 1 Month Hire Refund When You Buy
  • Power: 500W
  • Operation Noise: Less than 55dB
  • LCD Display: Time, Speed & Programme
  • Includes 2 Adjustable Resistance Bands for Upper Body Workouts
  • Remote Control for Easy Operation
  • Check out our Hire FAQ for more information