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What is Torq-King?

  • Torq-King is a revolutionary full-body functional fitness workout for all levels.
  • Torq-King's omni-wheel system means you can perform body-weight exercises with a 360° range of motion and a constant focus on core strength and stability.
  • By simply adjusting your body position, YOU determine how challenging to make each movement and adapt your workout to suit your own strength and fitness levels.
  • Torq-King is compact, portable and needs no setting up - use it anytime, anywhere. All you need is an area of floor and you're ready to get Torq-King!
  • From individual movements targeting specific muscle groups to multi-exercise circuit training programs, Torq-King provides a balanced, adaptable and varied training regime.

Training Ethos

  • Our training ethos is based on STROM - Strength Through Range Of Motion.
  • Torq-King provides versatile, functional training to build lean muscle, core strength, flexibility and endurance.
  • Whether you do occasional training at home / in the gym, you're a personal trainer with clients, or you're a professional athlete or military operator, Torq-King brings a new, innovative dimension to strength and fitness training.
  • The sheer variety of functional movements that are achievable also helps in injury prevention and rehabilitation.


  • Full Body Functional Workout
  • Floor Based: Use it Anywhere, Anytime
  • BUILD: Add Lean Muscle and Strength Though Range of Motion
  • BURN: Fat BurningCircuit Training for Added Endurance
  • BALANCE: Pilates Based Movements for a Rock Solid Core
  • Includes Pair of Handles

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