Payment Options

Q. Which payment cards are accepted at Elite Fitness Stores/Online?

A. Elite Fitness stores accept the following cards/credit cards:

      VISA -Stores, Over the phone, Online
      Master Card -Stores, Over the phone, Online
      American Express -Stores, Over the phone
      Diners Club -Stores, Over the phone
      Q Card -Stores, Over the phone
      Farmers Card -Stores, Over the phone
      GEM Visa—Stores, Over the phone
      GE Creditline -Stores
      Activa Card -Stores
      Eftpos cards - Stores

Q. Can I pay for my online purchase by any way other than credit card?

A. At this point in time the only way to make an online purchase is using a Visa, Visa debit, Mastercard, or direct credit. You can call us on 0800 243 834 to pay by other means as well listed above