If you're a newcomer to the fitness lifestyle, training for an event, recovering from surgery or injury or if weight loss is your goal, a stationary bike is an effective option. Establish a regular fitness routine in the comfort and convenience of your home with a hire exercycle. Exercycles and spin bikes are compact, making it easy to create your own personal workout space at home. You won't need to battle traffic or find your way in an overcrowded gym - exercise when it suits you. Watch TV or listen to your favourite music as you cycle your way to improved cardio fitness and stronger muscles, all in a low-impact, calorie-burning workout.

Elite Fitness makes hiring an exercycle or spin bike easy! We have a wide range of quality fitness machines to get you motivated to become a fitter, healthier you. No bond and only a 1-month minimum hire term. A quick in-home delivery and installation service is also available. Call our knowledgeable Elite Fitness consultants today on 0800 243 834 or visit us in-store and we will help to tailor a flexible rental solution to suit your fitness goals. 9 stores nationwide: Auckland, Hamilton, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Queenstown.

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