What is Hire to Buy?

This is what separates us from most other companies.  If you are motivated after using our hire equipment at home, then we will give you your first months hire payment off the purchase price of either the item you are using at a reduced price (conditions apply), or a brand new same category item or similar in value. All you need to do is contact us within your first month of hire and we can help you choose the right item from there.

How much are the delivery costs?

We deliver up to 40km from the store in most locations, with Zone A currently $80 up to about 12-15km and with Zone B up to 40km quoted at time of sale. Prices vary from location to location depending on how far away you are. Call your local store for more info.

I would like the item installed in my 3rd floor, is this possible?

The hire item is delivered by one person and will be delivered to your front door or garage. The delivery man to his discretion may bring the item into your house. In some cases, you can get an extra person to get the hire item into certain places in your house if required, with an additional fee applied.

Can I collect the item from your store?

Yes definitely, it is free to pick-up your hire item from your nearest store. All of the equipment in our hire range will fit into the average sized hatch back as the equipment is compact and our treadmills are completely foldable.

I'm motivated to start today, how long will it take to get my hire item?

It will generally take 1-3 business days with some stores able to deliver on the same day.

I want to hire for 6-12 months. Can you offer a better rate?

We have seasonal prices so enquire with us to see if we have better prices available. Have you thought about Financing to buy the equipment? In most cases, it can work out to be a similar cost as the hire, and at the end of the period you get to keep the machine!