I know I have to lubricate my treadmill, why?

All treadmills require lubrication of the walking belt and deck… this keeps friction to a minimum. Without it various problems can occur, generally excessive wear and tear to the belt and deck but once the belt becomes worn and the deck worn… they start to generate heat causing friction, in turn this causes the motor to draw more current to compensate for the extra load caused by the friction eventually this leads to damage to the controller and the motor... Once the treadmill starts to cut out during use… your generally too late and the damage is done. (For more information read our treadmill maintenance and information guide).

What do I use to lubricate my treadmill deck and belt?

We only recommend our premium treadmill lubricant which is our own brand… or the Icon branded lubricant sachets. Do not use anything which does not state for use in treadmill lubrication… the silicon lubricant needs to be the correct viscosity and have no additives. Our silicon oil is a pharmaceutical grade silicon oil… expensive but one can at $39.95 can do up to 15 applications for a normal sized treadmill under normal use… if lubricating every three to four months, that’s about three to four years out of one can… Do not under any circumstances use silicon products designed as multipurpose products… we have tested most in the market place and most do more damage to your treadmill than good. If you lubricate with anything other than the recommended product you will void the parts and motor warranties. (For more information read our treadmill maintenance and information guide).

How often do I lubricate?

Each treadmill is different… you need to look at the number of hours of use, the number of users, their weight, storage of the equipment… there are more than a few variables to consider. As a basic rule of thumb, check the belt and deck by slipping your hand between them monthly and ensuring the centre of the belt is wet. If dry lubricate straight away and check more regularly. If use is consistent feel between the deck and belt monthly once the deck starts to feel dryer (not bone dry) lubricate, if this takes four months to happen lubricate every three months, if use becomes more increase lubrication. If it becomes less you won’t need to do it so often... (For more information read our treadmill maintenance and information guide).

How long will my running belt last?

Running belts are classed as consumables because they wear based on use, they generally don’t break or tear if maintained, aligned and lubricated properly. Obviously there are different brands and qualities. A cheap belt should last at least three - four years with normal use (3-5 hours use per week) and a quality belt should last between five and seven years. Unfortunately you generally don’t see the wear as most wear occurs on the contact area underneath the belt in the middle section which is run on. Wear is also based on the environment the machine is kept in, the weight of the user and a number of other factors contribute. We recommend replacing the running belt before it’s required. If the belt is left to expire then generally you will have to replace the belt and deck.

My running belt has flipped over, what do I do?

Look at our belt adjustment and lubrication videos. Generally belts flip over when they have stretched and become loose and the user has neglected to tighten or correct adjustment as part of normal user maintenance. If the belt flips it can damage the belt or stretch it in a way normal adjustment cannot correct. Try correcting the fault first, loosen off the belt completely… do not attempt to unfold the belt when still tight as this can cause further damage to the belt. After unfolding the belt and centring the belt re tighten and adjust as per the treadmill alignment video. If the belt does not centre or continues to move to either side… the belt will require replacement. Contact service by filling in an online service request.

Where can I purchase the treadmill lubricant?

We sell our own treadmill lubricant. Suitable for all treadmills purchased through Elite Fitness Equipment including Icon treadmills, or the Icon lubricant sachets from Icon Fitness suitable for use with Icon products (Nordic Track, Pro-form, Golds Gym, Weslo etc.)

You can purchase at any Elite Fitness store, online on our website or by filling in an online parts request form. (Fixed freight price of $3.50 if requested from the online parts request form).

Premium treadmill lubricant is $39.95 for 500ml spray can with spray nozzle and Icon service sachets are $20.00 per sachet. We do recommend using the can for ease of use and due to cost per application being much lower.

I want to fix it myself?

Some repairs are able to be undertaken on treadmills and other equipment by competent people or the DIY’ers, with a bit of know how. However if within the warranty we recommend any repairs be undertaken by a professional… We do not warranty or guarantee any parts supplied to persons unless they are fitted by a professional. We do not recommend any electrical repairs be undertaken by anyone unless they are qualified to do so. We also do not accept return of parts unless from an authorised service agent or person.

If you wish to order parts and do repairs yourself, fill in an online parts request form…

If you’re unsure call us first… if we can help you fix it we will help. Call the service centre 09 258 9067