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At a Glance:

  • Zero Drop helps you improve posture and running technique
  • Provides proper fit and support for female foot anatomy
  • Asymmetric lacing improves natural flex and fit
  • Siped rubber sole grips all surfaces
  • Removable A-Bound insole cushions impact of hard terrain

This shoe's Natural Ride System improves your running experience by using complimentary running technologies, including foot-shaped lasts and outsole and midsole componentry that includes a proper metatarsal parabola.

When you're hitting the trail, the shoe's foot-shaped design allows your toes to splay outward and helps your feet maintain proper position to increase foot relaxation. The Zero Drop platform improves posture and reduces excessive heel strike for a more efficient, natural stride. Zero Drop refers to positioning both the heel and ball of foot the same distance from the ground rather than elevating the heel midsole twice as high as the forefoot like traditional shoes do.

Superior Fit and Comfort

This shoe's 'A'-Wrap design snugly supports the midfoot while allowing space for your toes to splay out. This improves balance, foot relaxation, and ability to absorb shock. In addition, HeelClaw provides a snug fit around the heel without extra heel counter. Altra's Delilah model is designed for women's narrower heels, smaller insteps, longer arches and different metatarsal positioning.

Razor-Siped Sole Grips All Surfaces

The shoe's 3.4-millimeter BareSole is crafted from siped performance rubber that will grip almost any surface, wet or dry, so you can safely run across various terrains. These shoes also feature asymmetric lacing, which improves fit and natural flex zones of the shoe and minimizes uncomfortable pressure points.
A-Bound Insole Provides Support on Hard Surfaces

In addition to a 3mm A-Bound Midsole, this shoe can also be worn with or without the included strengthen insole, which is also made with A-Bound. This energy return compound sits directly under the foot to help soften the impact of hard surfaces and maintain ground feedback.


Colours Available:

Grey/Purple and Grey/Magenta

  • Weight: 6.5oz
  • Natural Ride System
  • Insoles: Perforated Strengthen Insoles
  • Outsole: 3.4mm Siped Performance Rubber BareSole Outsole
  • Midsole: 3mm A-Bound midsole
  • Upper: Quick dry air mesh upper with minimal seams
  • Other Features: Asymmetrical Lacing, Heel Claw, and A-Wrap for superior fit
  • Fabric: Super Fabric Liner
  • Stack height = The total thickness of the shoe/the distance between the foot and the ground.
  • With Strengthen Footbed: 10mm(Heel)/10mm (Forefoot)
  • Strengthen Configuration (No Footbed): 7mm(Heel)/7mm (Forefoot)

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