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The Provisioness™ was created after The Intuition™, adding extra support with a thicker midsole and an optional stability wedge. Designed for women, this shoe assists with fallen arches, overpronation and excessive Q angles. Built for moderate and high overpronation, the Zero Drop™ platform, foot-shaped design and stability wedge combine to provide a high level of stability without the excessive bulk and weight of traditional stability shoes. You can remove the stability wedge to convert this shoe to work for neutral and mild overpronation.


The included Stability Wedge™ provides a moderate to high level of stability and is optional. It is designed to provide additional support to those with excessive pronation or flat feet. It addresses the four main challenges with stability in running shoes.



Altra Stability Wedge



  • Stability shoes with dual density posting can create a dependency cycle and make feet weak over time. The Stability Wedge doesn't compress unevenly or push up in the arch more than other areas, so it doesn't weaken the feet over time.
  • There are very few solutions for people that pronate on one foot but not the other. The Stability Wedge can be used on one foot and not the other if one foot rolls in excessively and the other does not.
  • Very few shoes account for excessive late stage pronation. The Stability Wedge compensates for late stage overpronators.
  • People with flat feet generally don't like the feel of anything pushing up in the arch. Since the Stability Wedge is 4mm thicker on the medial side from heel to forefoot, it doesn't push up directly in the arch.
  • For those with neutral to mild pronation, simply remove the Stability Wedge for the correct level of support and comfort.









Colour Available:

Charcoal/Magenta & Grey/Green

  • Weight: Provisioness at 8.5 oz. with the wedge (7.9 oz. without the wedge)
  • Midsole: Two-Layer EVA / A-Bound™
  • Outsole: Blown Rubber FootPod™
  • 2 included insoles: Molded Support, Stability Wedge
  • Upper: Quick-Dry Mesh with Minimal Seams
  • Liner: Sockless-Friendly Premium Liner
  • Asymmetrical Lacing
  • Stack height = The total thickness of the shoe/the distance between the foot and the ground.
  • With Support Footbed: 20mm(Heel)/20mm (Forefoot)
  • With Stability Wedge & Support Footbed: 25mm (Medial Heel)/25mm (Medial Forefoot)
  • Strengthen Configuration (No Footbed): 14mm(Heel)/14mm (Forefoot)

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