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The unique Elite EZI-GRIP Olympic plate has been carefully designed to ensure a comfortable stronger grip when using the plates, which allows them to be fully versatile so you get the most out of your workouts. The EZI-GRIP plate can be used for all types of functional training, you can achieve a full body workout with just a few plates!

The EZI-GRIP plate has been made with cast iron and can be used on all olympic diameter bars or handles.

Plate Thickness Chart: (Thickness x Diameter)

  • 1.25KG: 20mm x 175mm
  • 2.5KG: 20mm x 220mm
  • 5KG: 30mm x 275mm
  • 15KG: 45mm x 370mm
  • 20KG: 50mm x 415mm

No Putty or Fillers Used: Our weight plate manufacturers do not use putty or fillers in our weight plates. Some lower priced/budget grip/whole plates use putty and fillers to hide the manufacturing defects. it is very common in the process of sand casting that air bubbles form in the smaller parts of the mould especially around the handle of the weight plate. Putty and fillers are used to fill these holes and the weight plate is then painted and you the consumer never know. We guarantee this never happens with our weight plates.  

*Please note: Advertised prices may differ in store to cover local freight*

Weights Available: 1.25kg-20kg

  • Easy to hold handles
  • Olympic bar diameter
  • Cast Iron

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  • Glen Holbrook - Jan 15
    I have found the weights very easy to use, they work very well with the Olympic bar that I purchased. I am very happy that I decided to go with the rubber coated weights, less noisy and appear to be more durable.
  • Joanna Morris - Jan 15
    Excellent Quality & excellent customer service as always
  • Cory Stevenson - Feb 15
    Excellent product, easy to place & remove from bar/floor etc, The rubber coating makes them non-slip & easy to handle, & stops them from clanging together like at the gym, (don't miss that noise!) Brilliant product
  • graham - Mar 15
    Great weights - the handles add an extra dimension allowing easy holding for non bar exercise. Recommend
  • Gareth - Oct 15
    Awesome set of weights, can do multiple exercises with the handgrips provided, rubber coating prevents damage to the weights and anything they might fall on. top notch gear!
  • paul doudle - Mar 16
    easy to pick up easy to handle.
  • Srinivas - Jul 16
    I think these are the best quality plates at a decent price. They look very nice and long lasting and rust proof too. Very easy to handle on and off the bar. Strongly advise.