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Barbell collars are used on barbells and dumbbells to prevent the weight disk from loosening or falling off. These locking devices are placed on the bar after the weight disks are added. The barbell collar is then locked onto the bar. The benefit of Elite Quick Release Collars is the reduction of injury to the lifter. Loose weights can allow the weight to shift and pull the lifter off balance. When this happens, the lifter is forced to strain unevenly against the shifting weight and the result is often serious injury. Barbell collars keep the weight from shifting.

The Elite Quick Release Collars are a cost effective and safe way to lock weight plates onto bars. The Collars have a Single-action cam lock which clamps the collar, once it is in position, securely on the bar. Designed for use for activities such as Crossfit workouts and Olympic lifting, the Elite Quick Release Collars  are durable and will help prolong the life of your plates.

The Elite Collars have been injected with moulded pressure pads which can be released with one hand easily to take the collar off.

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  • Easy and quick clamp and release
  • High pressure locking
  • 25mm Diameter
  • Solid nylon resin frame
  • Sold in Pairs

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