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The Elite High End Olympic Ez Curl Bar is made from elevated temperature drawn, high tensile steel allowing it to become more tough wearing, durable and flexible. The bar has a chrome finish which means it is flake resistant and has a brushed alluminium weight sleeve with needle bearing. The bars provide machine finished smooth sleeves for fluid and consistent rotation. It also benefits from the excellent split sleeve design and an internal dual roll pin sleeve assembly to prevent the bar from loosening or detaching.

The Elite High End Olympic Ez Curl Bar revolutionizes the traditional tricep bar, by being more ergonomic in its design thus making it more user friendly. This bar has 4x35mm rubber ergonomic grips with inner grips benefiting from an end stop to reduce your grip "slipping" from the bar. A perfectly balanced bar twinned with the "Split sleeve" design, making this a winner every time. The "Trap/ Upright row" grip really targets the trapezius from an angle that many thought was not possible using a bar.

The Elite High End Olympic Ez Curl Bar is engineered to withstand even the most grueling workouts with performance and quality suitable for use with all Olympic weight plates and designed for Olympic Style training. It is built to take a pounding and help you expand your range of exercises and will give you a solid and intense workout every time!


  • Brushed Alluminium Weight Sleeves w/ Needle Bearing
  • 4x35mm thick rubber / urethane ergonomic grips
  • 157mm in Length "Split Sleeve"
  • Nickel phosphorus plating
  • 27mm Hard Chrome Inside
  • Hard Chrome Manufacturing Process
  • 300lb Weight Limit

Bar Specifications

  • Weight Limit: 300lb / 136kg
  • Diameter of Handle: 25.4mm
  • Bar Weight: 26lb / 12kg

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