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Rowing Machines are one of the most effective means of exercise for fitness conditioning, providing a low impact, non-weight bearing activity, engaging over 80% of your bodies muscle mass in one full body movement. Exercising on a rowing machine is self-paced, simple and easy to use regardless of your fitness level or age. You'll find the best rowing machine for your goals here at Whether you want to improve your health, boost your cardio endurance or lose weight, we carry the largest range of rowing machines in NZ ranging from fan rowers to water rowers as well as hydraulic rowers. And we regularly offer fantastic rowing machine deals for the best value and a very user-friendly in-store and online shopping experience.

Choose from our No.1 selling rowers from the world’s leading international brands, i.e WaterRower, Motioncraft, Proform & NordicTrack. All fully loaded with cutting-edge features.

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