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Online Service and Warranty Request Form

For all service and warranty requests we require customers to fill in our online form below. This ensures the correct service center or service agent has the correct information to deal with your issue effectively. This online form generates an automatic service job sheet in our system which is activated upon payment of the callout/assessment fee or by the authorisation of a service representative. Upon completion of the form you will be sent by email our service terms and conditions and further information on how your request will be processed. Before taking any further action, please wait for a service representative to call you to discuss your request further.

All fields below must be filled in before submitting this request. If a field is outlined in red, or left blank, or has incorrect information, it will fail to submit. Successful completion of the request will be displayed as a screen prompt and an email will be sent to you confirming what you submitted.


If you do not have an invoice or have lost your invoice please fill in 0000


All warranties are back to base unless otherwise stated on your original purchase invoice; this requires the items to be returned to a service center in the event a manufacturing fault occurs. In Auckland, Christchurch or Wellington, warranty returns are required to be returned to a service center. In all other locations return of the item is to your local store. Please ensure you await further instruction after completing this request before returning any product. For all callouts to your premises or home we will require payment of a callout/assessment fee before a technician contacts you to arrange a day and time to call out to site. For all call outs payment is required prior to attending the site. If your item is under 30 days old, no charges apply After completing this request and submitting it, Please await further instructions from a service representative before taking further action.

* = required