At 43 years old Brenda lost 19kg on the Bowflex™ TreadClimber

When Brenda had to stop running because her knees couldn’t take the stress and pounding her weight ballooned.

“Since I bought the TreadClimber it has changed my whole life around. It wasn’t long before I started seeing results. I could see the weight coming off.  My clothes size just started getting smaller and smaller. I feel like I’m 20 again – seriously. And all I had to do was walk. EVERYONE has 30 minutes!”

This unique machine combines a stairclimber, treadmill and elliptical into one and burns 3.5 times the calories of a regular treadmill. Don’t wait any longer to have the summer body you’ve always wanted. Backed by our no risk 6 week money back guarantee* find out for yourself why the Bowflex™ TreadClimber has been a best seller in the USA for the last 15 years and walk your way to fitness in the comfort of your own home.

Watch Brenda’s amazing transformation and with the Bowflex Treadclimber’s proven results you could have your dream summer body this Christmas. All you have to do is start.

“The Treadclimber is the best workout machine that I think you can get. I even got rid of my elliptical and my treadmill! I haven’t been this size since I was a teenager. I have a 14 year old daughter and we’re sharing clothes.”

“Yes - its great I lost the weight. Yes - its great my clothes fit, but for me it gave me the confidence that I never had.”

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