Delivery Acceptance Form

  • Online Delivery Acceptance Form Retail and Service Deliveries / Assemblies

    For all deliveries, Installations and assemblies in customer homes or businesses, we require customers to fill in a delivery acceptance form, this can be done instore or online. This ensures we have all the information to get your equipment delivered into your home/business and assembled both safely and effectively with the correct labour and assistance needed to undertake the task. It also ensures our staff remain safe and within health and safety guidelines and minimizes any risk to you, your home/business or the product.

    Upon submission of the form you will receive an automatic reply detailing what you have filled in on the request form. The request will then be processed and passed on to the relevant department or store to deal you’re your request. The store will then call you to organise the delivery in more detail.

    All fields below must be filled in before submitting this request successfully. If a field is outlined in red, is left blank, or has incorrect information, it will fail to submit. Successful completion of the request will be displayed as a screen prompt and an email will be sent to you confirming what you submitted. Please double check your email address before submitting the request as all replies go to this address.

    If you are unsure if your request has been submitted or you require further information before submitting your request please call 09 258 9067.


  • Please include any details you feel we should know in regards to delivery, i.e. equipment to go in second floor bedroom, delivery straight in to garage, we cannot assist lifting, we have narrow stairs etc. The delivery person will contact you in regards to more detail but please add anything you feel may be relevant or could hamper ease of delivery.
  • *if no assistance to lift heavy items is available on site please choose two man delivery option, heavy items are over 50kg*
  • *= required

  • I the customer have provided to the best of my knowledge all information Elite fitness has requested or requires to undertake the delivery of the goods in a safe manner without risk to persons or property. I will make provision for assistance if agreed upon or required to complete delivery / install of the goods.

    I accept if the delivery cannot be undertaken in a safe manner to meet with Elite Fitness obligations under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 due to a failure in identifying or disclosing a potential hazard or risk to Elite Fitness delivery staff or sales staff before delivery, the delivery may be canceled or rescheduled and additional costs may be incurred to redeliver/install the product safely at another date.

    I accept that Elite Fitness takes all care when delivering goods to site and/or into the home, but responsibility for any damage to property within the home during the delivery or placement of goods inside will be at the home owner’s risk.

    To the best of my knowledge, all the information I have provided is true, current and accurate.