Service Request

  • For all service and warranty requests, we require every customer to fill in an online service request form. This ensures the correct service centre or service agent has all the required information to deal with your request quickly and effectively.

    Upon submission of the form you will receive an automatic reply detailing what you have filled in on the request. Another email will be sent by the service centre to confirm the request has been received and is being processed or has been processed; this email will contain further information for you and a fact sheet to answer any questions you may have in regards to the service processes, terms and conditions, warranty, pricing, etc. Please read this email as service may require further information from you before processing the request fully, or require you to take further action to complete the process.

    All fields below must be filled in before submitting this request successfully. If a field is outlined in red, is left blank, or has incorrect information, it will fail to submit. Successful completion of the request will be displayed on a screen prompt and an email will be sent to you confirming what you submitted. Please double check your email address before submitting as all replies go to this email address.

    If you are unsure whether your request has been submitted or you require further information before submitting your request, please call 09 258 9067.


  • If you do not have an invoice or have lost your invoice please fill in 0000



  • *= required

  • By submitting this request as a service and/or parts department customer “I accept and agree” to the following terms and conditions below:

    General terms and conditions:

    1. That all details submitted on any service or parts request form is true at time of submission.
    2. I agree to Elite Fitness Equipment Ltd Standard Terms and Conditions of sale.
    3. That all services or parts supplied by Elite Fitness Equipment Ltd remain the property of Elite Fitness Equipment Ltd until payment of such services or parts is paid in full.
    4. That pre-payment of goods or services to be supplied may be required, unless I can provide credit card details for payment of any goods or services to be supplied. Or hold a credit account with Elite Fitness Equipment Ltd.

    For full warranty terms and conditions please see warranty information page.