Octane® Elliptical Cross Trainers are premium, innovative low-impact equipment that deliver better workouts and better results.

These elliptical trainers are all about getting a full body workout with minimal stress on your joints. All Octane trainers accommodate precise human biomechanics that remove stress and allow you to focus on your workout. That means you can push yourself to your limit with our wide range of built in workouts without risking injury.

The compact design of the Octane Elliptical means it can fit virtually anywhere in your home, including areas with low ceilings. The low step access makes it easy for anybody to safely step on and off the trainer regardless of height or mobility.

Our highly competitive pricing is backed by our Elite Fitness price guarantee, ensuring you will not find a better-priced product with better technology, better functionality or better warranty in the market today.

We offer very flexible payment options, so once we have assisted you in choosing the right elliptical cross trainer for your requirements, we will ensure that it won’t break the bank.

That’s the Elite Fitness difference.

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